Latest iPhone 5 case innovation

Latest Innovation for iPhone 5S & iPhone SE

The world’s most innovative Smartphones deserve the most innovative phone cases.
Precisely engineered to fit “the 5’s” perfectly, Snapz surpass all previous expectations and set new
standards for premium phone cases. Placing truly useful innovation directly in your hands.

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Visibly Different

Even at first glance Snapz phone cases are visibly different to all others.

iPhone 5 case unique style, visibly different

Snapz vibrant colours and bold stripe create a unique style that truly differentiates.

Uniquely Yours

Designed to perfectly compliment “the 5’s” iconic styling, Snapz phone cases hug contours to create a seamless shield of vibrant colour for your phone.

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The innovative Bandz provide a kaleidoscope of colour combinations that can be changed in seconds to suit your mood or simply differentiate your personal Snapz case from others.

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Simply Secure

Snapz phone cases provide a uniquely innovative solution to reduce the probability of accidentally dropping precious Smartphones in real life situations.

Simply slip a finger or two beneath the brightly coloured band and you will immediately notice the feeling of security it brings. Gently pressing against your hand and ensuring that your phone wont be able to drop even when you relax your grip.

With a Snapz phone case you can enjoy using your phone with added confidence.

You can "Walk, Talk & Text" or "Snap, Record & Playback" in busy places; secure in the knowledge your phone is always in "safe hands".

Effortlessly Effective

Expanding Possibilities

Every Snapz phone case features a brightly coloured silicone band that differentiates its aesthetics and conveys the innovative functionality that make Snapz cases so unique.

Whatever their colour, all Bandz have been specially designed to optimise their extension and durability in use.

Unlike traditional rubber bands, their unique silicone polymer is smooth to touch, odorless and wont leave a residue on either your hands or on the surfaces it is attached to.

If your Bandz become soiled, they are fully waterproof and can be wiped clean with water and detergent; and when they eventually break, they are fully recyclable in well established channels and don’t need to end up in landfill.

How long Bandz last depends largely on how you use them.

But don’t worry; every Snapz phone case comes with 3 spare Bandz to ensure that when you do occasionally stretch the possibilities too far,
a backup band is close at hand.

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Safe and secure iPhone cases

Safe Hands

Whether you’re taking pictures at the football stadium, recording your favourite acts at a music festival, watching video with friends or using the sat-nav app to find a new place; Snapz helps!

You already know Snapz sits securely in your hand, steadying image capture and ensuring you don’t drop your phone into the crowd. That’s really useful but there are many more innovative applications that are not so immediately obvious.

No Hands

Your Snapz phone case can secure itself to everyday objects in your environment; effectively giving you secure hands-free operation exactly
where and when you need it.

Quickly, easily and temporarily.

You can attach Snapz to your rear view mirror, sun visor or head rest in the car; to bottles, tins, jars, buttons, knobs and levers all around you. There are so many incredibly innovative opportunities for hands-free operation, they seem endless!

That's Handy

Innovative Applications

Snapz phone cases have been purposefully designed to preserve the functional integrity of your Smartphone and significantly enhance the ways you can use it.

These patented* phone cases offer almost as many usage possibilities as the phones themselves and greatly enhance their users experiences across a host of applications.

We know you’ll have fun finding new ways to use Snapz.

Please let us know how you use your Snapz phone case and we will enter your name into our daily free draw for a chance to win a free Snapz phone case + Bandz pack of your choice.

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Precision fitting iPhone 5S and SE cases

Precision Fit

Precisely sculpted, Snapz phone cases protect the volume buttons and ON/OFF switch without impeding user access and their perfectly dimensioned “reveals” ensure that microphone and speaker sounds are always transmitted exactly as they were intended.

Clear access to the mini-jack port permits use of high quality headphone jacks and easy docking or recharging without ever needing to remove the phone case.

Precission fitting iPhone 5S and SE cases
Snapz iPhone cases are designed and made in the UK
Snapz phone cases made in the UK

UK Design

Every aspect of a Snapz phone case has been meticulously considered and diligently developed to create a case that is truly worthy of the remarkable phone it houses.

Elegant aesthetics, high quality materials and precisely dimensioned proportions ensure that even with the case on, your phone feels incredibly slim and light in your hand and remains instantly recognisable as the iconic Smartphone its designers envisaged.

Each Snapz case is superbly crafted in the UK to exacting standards and is designed to fit perfectly, perform brilliantly and to continually look great throughout its long lifetime.

Environmentally Optimised

Snapz iPhonecases minimize environmental impact

All of the materials in your Snapz phone case and its packaging have been carefully selected to optimise their performance in use and minimise their environmental impact when you've finished using them.

Snapz iPhonecases minimize environmental impact

Snapz phone cases are precision molded from a unique ABS polymer that imparts excellent impact and scratch resistance whilst maintaining deep, rich colour shades and an elegant sheen finish that minimises finger marking during use.

Snapz iPhonecases minimize environmental impact

All packaging materials are certified from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable in well-established channels. We also select low toxicity inks, just in case any of our packaging finds its way into landfill.

Snapz Environmentally Optimised

The Bandz are made from a specially formulated silicone polymer (in place of natural rubber) so that they can be fully recycled at the end of their life rather than degrade in landfill and all of the custom colours meet the highest technical demands specified by international environment agencies.

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Functional & Fun

Snapz phone cases have been specially created to deliver truly innovative functionality within a uniquely stylish and affordable design.

With 10 custom colours to choose from, there’s a myriad of vibrant colour combinations that can be switched in seconds whenever you want to change
your personal style.

Better still, your Snapz phone case allows you to use your phone with added confidence that you wont drop or damage it and provides innovative hands-free functionality that’s both practical and fun to use.

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