Can I get a discount if I buy multiple Snapz phone cases?

Clients placing an online order for 5 or more Snapz phone cases will automatically receive a 5% discount on the total value of their order. Order 10 or more Snapz phone cases and you will automatically receive a 10% discount online and free shipping of your order within mainland UK.

Shipping charges apply to all orders delivered outside mainland UK.

Are Snapz available in bulk for business purchasers?

Yes. If you are interesting in buying Snapz phone cases in larger quantities for your business, please contact our customer services directly.

E-mail: B2B@snapz-cases.com Tel: 0113 323 1911

Can I order BANDZ on their own?

Yes. BANDZ are available to buy in store in “rainbow packs” of 10 colours and also in “3Packs” of same shade BANDZ. You can buy all 10 BANDZ colours in “3 packs”.

Can I get a FREE Snapz phone case?

Yes. If you write us a few lines explaining how you use your Snapz phone case, we will enter your name into our FREE daily draw and you will have a chance to win an FREE Snapz phone case + BANDZ pack of your choice.

Send us a video showing how you use your Snapz phone case and we will send you a FREE Snapz phone case + BANDZ pack if we post your video on the website.

Can I get a Snapz phone case for iPhone 4?

Sorry. Snapz phone cases are exclusively designed to fit iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

Are there any more colours of Snapz phone cases or Bandz I can buy?

The available colour ranges are displayed in store and are updated every few months. Please check the web-store for the latest colours and availability.

Can I legally use my phone whilst driving?

Different countries and states each have their own different driving laws. We recommend you check the laws that apply in the territory where you drive and ensure you comply with them.

Is it legal to use my phone for hands-free calls whilst driving?

Commonly, international driving laws permit drivers to make hands-free telephone calls whilst driving.

Is it legal to use Snapz to attach my phone to the sun-visor?

Attaching a cell-phone to a sun-visor should not obscure the driver’s view of the road ahead any more than the sun-visor itself and should not break any current EU or US laws.

Is it legal to use Sat-Nav on my phone whilst driving?

Yes. Providing the operation is hands-free and positioning of the sat-nav device does not obscure the drivers view in a way that contravenes local laws.

Is it legal to attach objects to a rear view mirror?

People often attach an array of ornamental and functional objects to their rear view mirrors. Furry dice, boxing gloves, worry or rosary beads and air fresheners are commonplace.

Whilst these objects sometimes hang within the field of the driver’s vision, they are not permanent fixtures and are easily removed.

UK MOT testers can fail vehicles if objects obscure more than 1 square centimeter of the drivers view, but in practice they will usually ask for them to be removed before testing the vehicle.

Must I have a rear view mirror?

There are many vehicles that cannot use a rear view mirror and there is no legal requirement for them to do so e.g. vans, trucks, HGV’s.

Cars towing trailers, caravans, boats etc. that obscure their rear view are also not required to have a rear view mirror.

Local driving laws vary but in many places there is a requirement to have exterior mirrors fitted to both driver and passenger sides of the vehicle when no rear view mirror is required.