Key Features

Every aspect of a Snapz phone case has been meticulously considered and diligently
developed to create a case that is truly worthy of the remarkable phone it houses.

Its an ideal companion for your phone; perfectly complimenting its iconic design style
and consciously considerate that all phone functions operate easily and without impediment.

Meticulously Considered

Snapz iPhone case aesthetics


Snapz elegant lines, vibrant colours and contrasting Bandz ensure they look like no others. Their custom sheen finish and precisely dimensioned proportions assure that even with the case on, your phone feels incredibly slim and light in your hand and remains instantly recognisable as the iconic Smartphone its designers envisaged.

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Snapz elegant lines, vibrant colours, iPhone cases
Snapz iPhone case functionality


From the instant you fit your Snapz phone case, you’ll appreciate that it protects your phone without limiting the way you use it.

All buttons, switches, ports and camera features are precisely “revealed” to enable their full operation as though the case was not even attached. Better still, 100% of the touchscreen area remains fully exposed for use whilst your phone is protected from unwanted contacts on other surfaces.

Beyond that, the Bandz provide countless innovative opportunities for hands-free operation. You can easily “snap” the case on and off everyday objects in your environment and use your phone in a truly different way.

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Snapz iPhone cases fit your phone perfectly

Precision Fit

The precision molding process applied to form every individual Snapz phone case ensures that it fits your phone perfectly on “day one” and its robust construction means it will continue to do so throughout its long life.

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Customise Snapz iPhone cases to your own personal style
Customise Snapz iPhone cases to your own personal style


The brightly coloured Snapz cases and Bandz allow you to make your own personal style statement and differentiate your Snapz case from others.

With 10 custom colours to choose from, there’s a myriad of vibrant colour combinations that can be switched in seconds whenever you want to change your personal style.

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Snapz iPhone cases high performance materials

High Performance Materials

Our carefully specified ABS polymer provides an optimised balance of core performance characteristics; ensuring that Snapz phone cases demonstrate excellent scratch and impact resistance whilst maintaining deep, rich colour shades that penetrate the entire case and won’t “wear or fade” even after years of continued use.

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Snapz iPhone case surface finish
Snapz great looking custom surface finish

Surface Finish

The bespoke “sheen finish” on every Snapz case minimises finger marks during use and ensures it always looks great with negligible cleaning required.

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Snapz great looking custom surface finish
Snapz iPhone case easy clean

Easy Clean

Even if heavy soiling does occur, there’s no need to worry. Just remove your phone and you can clean your Snapz case with warm water, detergent and a soft cloth; just like you would clean a coffee cup.

Both the Snapz cases and Bandz are fully waterproof and will be restored to their original condition when dried off.

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Snapz environmentally iPhone cases

Environmentally Optimised

All of the materials in your Snapz phone case and its packaging have been carefully selected to optimise their performance in use and minimise their environmental impact at the end of their life.

We employ a holistic lifecycle approach to material selection and have consciously designed Snapz phone cases and Bandz to be fully recyclable through well-established channels.

“Cradle to cradle” design ensures there are no complex reprocessing requirements and the high quality polymers can be readily converted to make more Snapz cases, cell phones or TV casings.

All packaging materials are also fully recyclable and are certified from sustainable sources. Just in case any of our packaging would find its way into landfill, we select low toxicity inks to minimise the immediate harm to wildlife and long-term environmental impact.