"I love that I can quickly change the band colour and give my snapz case a completely new look"   Tara Hendron - Dublin "Since getting my snapz case, I haven’t dropped my phone. Impossible! Incredible! Brilliant!".   Will Saville – Liverpool "Snapz is a real attention grabber. Can’t believe how many people comment when they see my new phone case. V different and V Cool – Just like me!".   Rob Wood – Huddersfield "We have 3 identical iPhone’s at home and were always picking up each others by mistake. Not any more. My snapz case is unique and looks great to boot (both kids want one now)".   Sheelah Mc Kinney – Glasgow "I use my snapz case every morning to watch news while I’m eating breakfast. I just snap it onto the orange juice carton and open a news app. Simple".   Daniel Rajkumar – Leeds "I used to wedge my phone in my cleavage so I could speak with friends whilst driving. Admittedly it didn’t work great and wasn’t v. comfortable. Now I snap my case onto sun-visor for hands-free chat and comfy drive. Works great – Thanks Snapz".   Lisa Barnes – Bradford "Love SNAPZ for taking photos in crowded places. Feels safe!".   Max Spencer – London "Just back from a concert and my video footage is great. Didn’t have a great view but I rolled up a program and attached snapz like a make-shift boom. It worked brilliantly and really turned heads in the crowd".   Mohammed Hanif – London "I’ve just moved to a new town and don’t know my way around yet. I use snapz on my rear view mirror for sat-nav and its great. Its really the best position to follow the map and doesn’t slip or slide around".   Catherine Anderson – Doncaster "I hate long car trips in the back seat. Was always getting neck-aches from watching videos on my phone. Now I just put snapz on Mum’s headrest, plug in my headphones and enjoy the trip".   Caitlin Parker – Holmfirth "I attach my snapz case to a fence post when I’m practicing show jumping to record my approach. Playback later to see where it all went wrong. V Useful".   Sarah Robinson – Manchester "I snap mine onto my desk organizer at work. Great viewing angle and "plausible deniability" when the boss passes by. Perfect".   John Moss – York "Beer Cam Rocks! Used plenty….need I say more".   Nick Jones – Warrick "Face time is great for talking with my friends but I hate the way it makes me look unless I hold the camera at eye-level. Problem solved with snapz. I just snap it onto a can of hairspray and sit back. Cantastic ".   Jane Jackson – Highburton "I’m always on my phone on the way into work. With snapz I feel secure while I walk and talk".   Katie Pearce - Ilkley "I’ve got 2 toddlers so my hands are always full and I always seemed to be dropping my phone. Since getting a snapz case, I seem to use the hands-free opportunities all around the house. Its fab!".   Lyndsay Smyth – Harrogate "I’m a phone-game junkie with habit of throwing it across room when I get carried away. Now that I wrap my fingers through snapsband my phone is safe (high score on Realracer today!)".   Alex Lee - Wolverhampton "Snapz is great in the car. I always know where it is and don’t have to search around when I have incoming calls. Best of all…. I haven’t accidently answered my mother-in-law in weeks!".   Mick Jones - Aberdeen "Used snapz hands-free for first time today. We were sight seeing and wanted a picture together so snapped the snapz case onto a railing spike, flipped the camera viewer and took a really great shot without straining arms. Really very useful".   Oliver Ellis - York "Got my case on trip to GB. Used my snapz band this week to take pics while riding horses in Giza. Excellent. I need more".   Eissa Mansoor – Cairo "I use my snapz on the train every day. I feel secure holding it when I’m standing in a crowd and can hang it on the tray clip on the seat in front when I’m watching the news".   Becky Wood - Honley "My snapz case is great for listening to music. I can plug in my skull candy without removing it and chillax".   Joe Spalling - Cardiff "Use my snapz when I’m on x-box. Can screen calls at a glance….then ignore them all".   Jason Power - Bath "Really enjoyed videoing with SNAPZ. Interesting angles from bedpost".   Andy Mc Donald – Harrogate "Snapz is great for texting at school. Know I wont drop it in the playground".   Ben Cornforth – Holmbridge "Used snapz to watch video flying back from holiday. It just hooked onto seat in front and was a perfect viewing height for the long flight home".   Ahmed Asif – Blackburn "Just used snapz to Facetime my girlfriend hands-free. Much easier. Now she wants one too!".   Nick Zaveruka – New York "Use my snapz band every Friday night. Slip taxi fare under band before I go out and always have cash to pay the ride home when I call them later".   Fay Stanley – New Mill "We snapped case onto sliding door handle, set facetime going and sat together on the hotel balcony. Showing our kids the beautiful sunset and palm trees in the background really made our day".   Harry Nevin - Belfast "Used snapz to record the Queen Mary arriving in Hamburg. Would normally have been worried about dropping my iphone overboard but had no worries with snapz. Footage is spectacular".   Barbara Slevin - Huddersfield "Snapz is one of those inventions that you don’t know what you’ll do with it until you have it. Then you just can’t imagine life without it. I use mine all the time but it’s particularly useful for checking and sending e-mails on the move".   Patrick Joseph – Leeds "I always use the snapzband to answer my phone when I’m in a busy place - to stop it being accidentally knocked out of my hand. Feels very strange not to use it now. I love it".   Roger Johnston – Uttoxeter "Snapz is great for hands-free in the car. I attach mine to the sun-visor, which seems the perfect distance for the speaker and microphone functions. Also great that I can see whose calling".   Mark Robinson – Swansea "I love the colour of my snapz phone case. Even if it didn’t do anything else, it looks and feels great".   Sarah Smith – Darwin "I love playing with my snapz case when I’m sat still. I put one finger through band and then flip it around and catch it. Simple pleasure…..becoming a habit".   Rachael Bourne - Penarth "I used snapz in really novel way today. I attached it to a coat-hanger, set the video running and lowered it carefully into the gap between the engine and bulkhead. I now know exactly where the oil is coming from".   Alan Bell – Blackburn "I travel lots and use my phone for hours every day. Love the fact I can recharge in docks without removing the case".   Jim Johnston – Stoke-on-Trent "I used snaps to follow you-tube instructions for flat pack garden bench assembly. I put the snapscase on a spade shaft so I could see it easily and had my hands free to build. Very clever".   Richard Horsfall – Glasgow "I attached snapz to a sauce bottle in the restaurant today and used it as a tripod to take a group photo of my family. I’m surprised how easy it was and will try new things with snapz now".   Julia Sims – Cardiff "I bought a snapz phone case as a present for my wife and I’m amazed how much she loves it. She uses it for hands-free in her car every day and is always telling people how great I am for buying it for her".   Tom Murray – Selby "Used snapz on my bike today. Attached it to the front light and video’d my ride to work. V interesting".   Joy Black – London "Impressed myself with a lovely supper dish I baked following an online recipe. I "snapped" the snapz case onto my kitchen cupboard handle and followed the instructions. It was the perfect viewing height and I had no worries about spills onto my i-phone".   Christine Mossley - Manchester


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